What Is a VDR Provider?

What Is a VDR Provider?

VDR Provider is a secure platform for sharing files to accelerate deals. Its features include a clear and intuitive configuration, accessible to the CFO as well as an entry-level accountants deployment options for any device, one sign-on and priority of functions to fit your workflow.

A VDR offers granular permissions for users and files, along with intelligent access control for domains and email addresses which reduces the risk of data leakage. They also allow the addition of watermarks on sensitive documents and limit printing which makes it harder for hackers to steal data. Most importantly, they can protect against server failures by using automatic failover to a different server, ensuring that the process stays on track even when one of the servers fails.

Some VDR providers provide additional features, such as searchable indexes and an activity dashboard that monitors the activity. They also provide advanced security features, such as 256-bit encryption at the bank level, which makes it impossible for unauthorised individuals to read data. They can also track all activity within the VDR which includes who viewed or downloaded what is so that you can keep an audit trail of data access.

Other VDR providers specialize in certain sectors or types of deals. Certain VDR providers specialize in M&A while others are focused on collaboration with scientists. Some have tools that are specifically designed to support legal cases or to archive large volumes of documents. The selection of VDR service provider will depend on the size and complexity of project or transaction at hand.

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